Still Armed

For those in 'otherworld' armed trades

Still Armed / Soulbonds, Muses and System Members
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Invitation-only community. If we don't know you, you're not joining.

A community for soulbonds, people in multiple systems, or muses who are engaged in one of the armed trades: soldiers, mercenaries, assassins, thieves, police officers, vigilantes, etc. The focus is on those who are currently engaged in above in other, inner or subjective worlds but former workers in armed trades are also welcome. This is not a community for people who work in the armed trades in the 'real' world.

The rules are simple: no trolls, no flames, no stupidity. They will be enforced.

formerassassins : for ex-assassins
soulbonding : for soulbonders and bonds
nonstupidsbers : as above, but with vetted membership
multiplicity : for multiples
fictionals : for fictionkin